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Number Ranges

When you copy a client, the number ranges are taken into account. The following cases are distinguished:


Effect on Number Range

customizing and application data is copied

The number ranges are copied with the data because they are required by the application data.

Only Customizing data is copied

The number ranges are reset because the application data that refers to them is deleted and then reconstructed.

Table selection and table classes

Depending on the copy option you have selected, the client copy tool determines the purpose of the table in the system when the table is copied. For example, if you selected the Customizing option and the table belongs to Customizing, then the table is copied to the target client. If the table contains application data, however, the table contents are deleted not copied.

To determine the purpose of a table, the client copy tool uses the delivery class assigned. The client copy tool assumes that all tables belong to Customizing except those that have classes L, A, and W:

L These tables should be empty in the new system and are deleted in the target client.

A Application tables copied if desired.

W System tables that are filled internally. Their contents are purely technical. W tables are not taken into account by the client copy tool.

Identity of Table Structures


The following statements only apply to cross-system client copies.

To set up a new client by client copy, the structures of all tables to be copied must be identical in the source and the target system.