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Procedure documentationDisplaying Time-Based Data Distribution Locate this document in the navigation structure


To gain an overview of how old the entities are in your system landscape, you can create a time-based data distribution.


Note the prerequisites described under Statistics and Trends or under Potential Savings.


To gain an overview of the age structure in your system landscape, proceed as follows:

  1. Under Statistics and Trends or Potential Savings, select a scenario or a system in the table and choose Time Based Data Distribution.

  2. Specify for which entities in your system landscape you want to carry out the evaluation. You can use the following tab pages:

    • System

    • Organizational Unit

    • Application Area

    • Document Type

    • Tables

  3. Within the tab pages, specify the period you want to analyze by choosing Overview per Year or Overview per Month + Year.

  4. You can refine the analysis by specifying the exact period and the system ID of a specific system.

  5. When you have made your entries, you have the following options:

    • You can check that your entries are correct.

    • You can display the statistics. The system loads the data from the Business Warehouse and creates the table statistics according to your input parameters.


The system displays a detailed overview of the age distribution in your system landscape, consisting of the following information:

  • Graphical overview of the results

  • Reference year

    You can restrict the overall results to a specific year.

  • Navigation block

    You can filter the overall results by specific characteristics and display the results in a table.

  • Tabular overview of the results