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Search for solutions for support messages from colleagues or customers .


You are in the detail screen of a support message in Service Transaction Monitor.


Search for solutions on the SAP Service Marketplace
  1. Go to change mode.

  2. To search for SAP Notes on the SAP Service Marketplace, switch to the SAP Notes tab page, and choose the Search for SAP Notes button.

    The SAP Service Marketplace appears.

  3. Log on to the SAP Service Marketplace.

    The system uses your system data for the search.

  4. Search for SAP Notes with the search template

  5. To assign an SAP Note which you have found to the support message, select the SAP Note and choose Copy Data.

    The system copies the SAP Note number and short text to the SAP Notes tab, and closes the browser window.

  6. To display an assigned SAP Note, select it in the SAP Notes tab, and choose Display Note.

  7. To exit the SAP Service Marketplace, close the browser window.

    Note Note

    You can automatically import SAP Notes with correction instructions into your systems. For further information, see Process Messages in the Service Desk.

    End of the note.
Search for solutions in the solution database

If you do not find a suitable SAP Note for your problem, search in your solution database, to see whether a similar problem solution has already been documented.

  1. Go to change mode.

  2. Go to the Solution Database tab and choose Search SDB.

    The system copies the support message short text automatically as search criterion.

  3. Specify your search criteria and choose Continue.

    The system shows you the existing symptoms and solutions for your support message. You can copy these solutions into your support message.