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Probably the most important metric for databases is their availability. You can use this report to display the development over time of the availability values for your administered databases:

  • Database Availability (  <system ID> on <database host>   Availability   Availability   )

    The report specifies the availability of the database. There are three possible values:

    • Available

    • Not available

    • No availability measurements

    Note Note

    No availability measurements means that the number of actual measurements does not meet the expected number of measurements calculated from the measurement frequency. These missing measurements could indicate a non-availability of the database, but this is not necessarily the case.

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Note Note

  • For information about how you can specify the desired databases and the time interval to be displayed, and how to call interactive reporting, see Using Interactive Reporting.

  • For information about the different display options for the reports for databases with regard to metrics and threshold values, see Interactive Reports for Databases.

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