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Procedure documentation Link Two HR-Org Objects   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


       1.      Choose an object type in the transaction Maintain Objects (PP01).

       2.      Delete the object ID if it has a value.

       3.      Select the info type Links.

       4.      Choose Create.

       5.      Choose the Type of the Linked Object.

       6.      Choose the ID of the Linked Object.

       7.      Choose the Link Type/Link.

       8.      Save the changes.


You can also create links between HR-Org. objects in the transaction Change Structure (PPSM). You can:

·         Analysis path OFFICE

The analysis path determines which links between objects are analyzed. If the analysis path OFFICE exists, the Solution Manager uses it by default to send a learning map, to determine the users assigned to an HR-Org. object.

·         New analysis path

·         To specify a new analysis, create the new analysis path in the customizing transaction OOAW. To hide links between objects in the HR-Org. model structure display, which do not interest you, set the Skip flag.

·         To use the new analysis path in the Solution Manager, put it in the table SAROLECUST in the Solution Manager system.

·         You can display the analysis path as a graphic, in the transaction PPSM.

For further information, see Personnel Management Organization Management Basic Settings Enhanced Data Modelling, in the HR IMG, and the HR Organizational Management online documentation.


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