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This task checks the target system to find out whether new data needs to be collected for a session. New data is needed if a new session was created or if an existing session was changed. If the task finds a session for which new data needs to be collected, the task creates a 'Request Session Data' task in the local system.

The new information about the sessions can come from either the SAP Support Portal or your SAP Solution Manager system.



To create a task to refresh the sessions:

       1.      Choose Task Create.

       2.      Choose Refresh sessions and Continue.

       3.      Schedule a time for the task or select Now.

Set defaults sets the time scheduled for the task to two minutes in the future, and rereads the current task-specific settings.

You can run the task periodically or once only. By default, the task is set to run once. To run the task periodically, choose 'Run task periodically'.

       4.      Select a target RFC destination.

Select the target RFC destination of the system from which to refresh sessions.

You can find out whether a destination is defined, by checking the task-specific settings.

       5.      Choose Continue.

A new background task is created and its task number is displayed.


To display an overview of the systems from which you can define a Refresh sessions task:


       1.      Choose Goto Settings Task-specific.

A hierarchy of task-specific settings is displayed.

       2.      Choose Task-specific settings Session Data Collection RFC Destinations Settings.

       3.      Choose Settings.

       4.      Choose Destinations.

An overview of the destinations from which you can define a Refresh sessions  task is displayed.

Note that only destinations that are marked here as active can be selected by a Refresh sessions task.


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