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You can display the modelling of a technical system, to check the system landscape in the SAP Solution Manager or System Landscape Directory, and whether it corresponds with the actual system landscape. You can, for example, display the following attributes and compare them with reality:

  • Installation number

  • Client

  • Installed products

  • Server or database

Example Example

  • You determine that there is no data for an application server. You check in the system modelling, whether the application server is correctly connected to the system landscape.

  • You get the error message No installation number. You check in the system modelling, whether the installation number of the system exists.

End of the example.


You have called the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.


  • To display the structure of a technical system:

    1. Choose the Landscape view.

    2. Select a system.

    3. Select   System Details   System Modelling  .

      The structure of the system is displayed.

  • To display the system modelling from the perspective of a technical scenario, host, database or product:

    1. Choose the Infrastructure view.

    2. Choose Landscape Browser.

    3. Choose the viewtin the Landscape tab, and search for the object.

      The structure is displayed.