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SAP software is developed using tried-and-tested standards, subjected to rigorous testing, and documented. The individual components are then closely integrated.

Customers develop their own software to extend the range of functions offered by SAP. These custom developments are designed to fulfill specific requirements or provide functions that are not included in the standard software shipped by SAP. Some custom developments, however, do not always meet the quality standards set by SAP or are not documented adequately. In many cases, there is no overview of how many custom developments exist and how they are used. It is important that the criticalness and type of implementation are known (extension, modification, or custom development).

Every item of software and its repository objects has its own lifecycle. In the same way as standard SAP software, custom developments should progress through the phases of the software lifecycle. The quality of the software should be tested at the transitions between phases. SAP Solution Manager provides a process that you can use to structure, control, and optimize your custom developments.

The Custom Code Management process is the central point of access for all the functions you need to keep a clear overview of your custom developments. You can continually optimize the number and quality of your developments as well as the way in which they are implemented or affected by changes to SAP objects.

Implementation Considerations

Custom developments can lead to higher operating costs, are more difficult to maintain and troubleshoot, and can make upgrades more complex. Generally, systems containing many custom developments are more complex.

Custom Code Management provides a comprehensive overview of how custom developments are used in your systems and helps you to identify those that you actually need. You have full control over the lifecycle of your custom developments and can use the innovations provided by the standard SAP software.


  • Custom Code Lifecycle Management: This application is the central point of access for all functions that you use to manage the lifecycle of custom developments (from creation to deletion).