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This work center is the central access to all functions for documenting, scheduling, and monitoring background jobs.

It comprises views to display and edit job requests, job documentation, scheduled jobs, and job alerts. You can perform common tasks in job scheduling.


  • You are authorized for this work center.

    For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager <current release>  .

  • A business partner is assigned to your system user.



Overview information is available for the following views:

  • Job requests

  • Job Documentation

  • Central process scheduling

  • Job Scheduling

  • Task Inbox

Note Note

You can define your own queries or adjust existing queries for each of these views.

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In addition, you can go directly to the respective view from the overview.

Job Requests

The list of job requests shows the following:

  • All job requests you created

  • All job requests you are assigned to as processor

  • All Service Desk messages from Job Monitoring that the system reports in the context of Business Process Monitoring

Job Documentation

You get a list of job documentation. You can define queries and set filters to select data.

When you select job documentation from the list, the system displays details of the job documentation below the list, for example, further information about the steps.

To reach job documentation, select the job documentation and choose Display. If authorized, you can edit job documentation. For more information, see Job Documentation.

Job Monitoring

The system offers you related views:

In the Job Monitoring Alert Inbox view, you can view and edit job alerts in a list. You can, for example, select alerts by the following criteria:

  • Solutions

  • Business processes

  • Business process steps

You can also perform the following functions for a selected job alert:

  • Display alert details for a solution

  • Display Alert List

  • Display Monitoring Activities

  • Display Threshold Values

  • Display Configuration

  • Display Scheduling information

  • Display Authorization

  • Display Service Desk information

To trace the reason for an alert, you can select a scheduled job in the target system, analyze runtime errors, or perform a job analysis (see Scheduling Jobs with Job Documentation).

You can confirm the processing of open alerts in the alert list for a group of alerts and in the bottom detailed list for individual alerts. For further information about general Alert Inbox functions, see Alert Inbox.

The Job Monitoring Central Process Planning view contains a list of the jobs which were scheduled with an external job scheduler (such as SAP CPS by Redwood). You can specify queries and set filters, to select data. Complex queries are possible, with the Quick Criteria Maintenance. For more information, see Monitoring Jobs Scheduled with Central Process Scheduling (CPS).

You can go to various processing and creation dialogs, for example, for:

  • Jobs

  • Job requests

  • Process chains

  • Job definitions

  • Job documentation

The Job Monitoring Job Scheduling view contains lists of background jobs with detail information, sorted by job status. If you select a background job, there is further information in the detail area. By default, queries are defined for the following, as well as for various standard jobs and the display of scheduled and cancelled background jobs, for example Central System Management.

This view contains the following actions:

  • Job Analysis

  • Job scheduling

  • Display job logs

  • Job documentation overview

For more information, see Monitoring Jobs Scheduled with the BC-XBP Interface.

Recommended Jobs

In this view, you can manage job documentation system-specifically, e.g. for:

  • ABAP jobs

  • CPS jobs

  • Standard jobs

You can go to job scheduling with and without central process scheduling (CPS). For further information, see Job Monitoring with the Recommended Jobs View.

Task Inbox

A list with all jobs due for job documentation is available. You can define queries and set filters to select data.

To get to a task, click the task ID or the short text of the task. If authorized, you can process the task (see Process Tasks Tab).


This view contains the following reports:

  • Job Reports

    • Report: Job Documentation

      This report provides an overview of job documentation. You can thus monitor job documentation and avoid duplication of jobs or job documentation.

    • Report: Job Requests and Job Change Documents

      This report gives you an overview of the change requests for a job that were made in the form of job requests and job change documents.

  • BW evaluation

    • Job alerts with trend analyses

      The report provides a Business Process Monitoring alert trend analysis that is restricted to job alerts. For more information, see Reports: Business Processes Operations

    • Monitoring BW Process Chains

      This report gives you an overview of the job scheduling in the managed systems, e.g. users, job status and runtime. You can display the analysis results by day, week or month. For more information, see Monitoring BW Process Chains.

    Note Note

    To get the results of these analyses, certain SAP Solution Manager Customizing settings are required. For more information, see Job Scheduling Management Health Check Reports. For more information about how to perform business process analyses, see Performing Analyses.

    End of the note.

In this view, you perform administrative tasks.

Note Note

Calling Customizing (transaction SPRO) is a prerequisite for this view.

End of the note.
  • For Job Control, prepare the following:

    • Specify the BACK destination for the RFC connection from the managed system to SAP Solution Manager.

    • Specify criteria profiles and activate or deactivate them for users in the company.

    For more information, see Job Control for Managed Systems.

  • For BW analyses with Job Scheduling Management , prepare the following:

    • The data collection for this analysis.

    • The job scheduling Health Check reports.

    For more information, see Job Scheduling Management Health Check Reports.

  • For external scheduling, manage and configure external job scheduling.

  • To configure new users, create business partners.

Common Tasks

You can perform the following functions from any view in the work center:

More Information

See the Job Scheduling Management tab for further information about specific functions. For more information about general functions in the work center, see Using the Work Center.