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You use this procedure to run an SAP NetWeaver BW report that informs you of the duration and start delays of process chains, daily. The system gets the job data from business process monitoring.


  • You use business process monitoring and have activated job monitoring for process chains.

  • You have fulfilled the prerequisites for SAP NetWeaver BW reports in job scheduling management. For more information, see Job Scheduling Management Health Check Reports.

  • In the Job Management work center, you have opened the Reports view and selected the BW Reports option there.


  1. In the table of reports, navigate to the row for the process chain-specific weekly view in business process management.

    In the detail area below the table, the system displays further information, such as the template ID.

  2. Choose Report.

    You go to a dialog box.

    Note Note

    You can also execute the report within the open report dialog. In this case, enter the variable selection criteria on the Preview tab.

    End of the note.
  3. Enter a solution name.

    1. The system selects all jobs that ran for this solution.

    2. To further restrict the search results, you must specify the calendar week.

  4. Choose Execute.

    The system opens a report with the evaluation results. The report contains the selection criteria, the selected processes and process steps as well as the following information in table and graphic form:

    • Maximum duration of the process chain per day

    • Maximum start delay of the process chain per day