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Use the transport workflow to automate your transport process. It is an efficient method of transporting a selected number of requests into a group of transport targets, and uses clearly defined approval steps to ensure the quality of your target systems.


Process Flow

After you have released the requests, you must create a transport proposal in the Transport Organizer. To do this, specify the requests, and the target systems/clients into which you want to transport them. You can also specify an import time, import options and notes for the transport administration.


If you have selected the transport workflow as a transport strategy, the transport proposal appears directly after the selected requests are released. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to trigger the physical release of the requests.

When you create a transport proposal, you place it in the TMS worklist for the transport administration Transport administration can approve the transport proposal; it is then imported automatically into the target systems. The transport proposal then appears again in your transport proposal inbox, for you to confirm. You can complete the proposal by confirming it, or apply to have it transported into other systems.

However, transport administration can also reject the transport proposal. It then appears in your transport proposal inbox again, possibly accompanied by a note. You can then modify the transport proposal and place it in the workflow worklist of the transport administration.