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When you import requests, several log files are created in the transport directory of the system. You can use transaction SMLT to view these files.


Starten Sie die Transaktion SMLT .

Expandieren Sie bei der Sprache, für deren Importprotokolle Sie sich interessieren, den entsprechenden Teilbaum mit der Übersicht über die importierten Pakete.

       1.      Start transaction SMLT.

       2.      Go to the language whose import logs you want to view and expand its node to see the packages that have been imported.

Check the status of the action, indicated by the icon at the start of the line.

       3.      To display the action logs, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. These logs contain information on the individual language import steps, including any errors.

       4.      To go to the overview of all requests that belong to a package, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or double-click the name of the main transport request.

       5.      The logs that you display are standard transport logs.


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