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This procedure processes Technical Monitoring problems in the SAP Solution Manager landscape defined in LMDB.


You have verified the templates if you want to generate reports and send notifications by SMS and e-mail.

For more information, see Customizing Content.


Postponing an Alert
  1. Select the alert.

  2. Choose Postponement.

  3. To delay an alert so that it does not appear in the Alert Inbox for a time, choose Postpone.

  4. In the Select the Postponement Time window, postpone the alert until a time, or for a duration.

    Note Note

    The postponed alerts appear in the list of aggregated alerts, when their postponement time expires.

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Editing a Postponed Alert
  1. To edit the duration of a postponed alert, choose Postponement.

  2. Choose Show Postponed.

  3. In the Postponed Alerts window, select the postponed alert.

  4. Edit the postponed alert.

Assigning an Alert Group to a Processor
  1. To assign an alert group to a processor, select the alert group.

  2. Choose Assign.

  3. In the Assign Alert Groups window, assign the alert group to a processor.

    Note Note

    You can also assign an alert in the Alert Details window.

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Editing the Details of an Alert Group
  1. To edit the details of an alert group, select the alert.

    The alert groups in the alert are listed.

  2. Select the alert group.

  3. Choose Show Details.

  4. In the Alert Detail window, edit the details of the alert group.

  5. To view the details of the metric or event, select the metric or event.

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