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A user with the role Transport Administrator is a superuser of the Change and Transport System. The tasks of this user include:

The Transport Administrator role has all authorizations in the Change and Transport System.

Activities in the Change and Transport System

The main daily task of the Transport Administrator is importing transport requests into the systems of his or her transport domain. This includes actually importing the requests, approving transports that are part of the transport workflow or quality assurance procedures, using the Alert Monitor to monitor the transport domain, and tracking imports. The Transport Administrator has full authorization to analyze and edit transport requests in the Transport Organizer and the Transport Organizer tools.

The administrator also configures the system landscape for the Change and Transport System, including the transport domain and the transport routes. He or she sets the system and client change options.

The Transport Administrator imports new SAP software, such as Support Packages and add-ons, upgrades the system, and adjusts any modifications. Language transports are another area for which this administrator is responsible.


The Transport Administrator has the Transactions STMS, SA38 and RZ20 in the LaunchPad, without which certain less frequent functions cannot be accessed. If you change the single role Transport Administrator into a composite role, and want to make the LaunchPad less complicated, you can delete these transactions from the composite role menu. This does not change the authorization to execute these transactions.


Transport requests are created by the Customizing Project Administrator and the Development Project Leader. These users create tasks for the Customizing Project Members, ABAP Developers and Documentation Developers working on the project. In turn, these users record their changes in transport objects in tasks and then release the tasks. After the Customizing Project Administrator or the Development Project Leader has released it, the request is imported into other systems by the Transport Operator or Transport Administrator.

The Transport Administrator is supported in his or her routine tasks in the Change and Transport System by the Transport Operator (making transports, approving changes, monitoring, and so on). However, fundamental changes to the SAP Systems, such as reconfiguring the landscape, importing SAP software, creating transports, deletions, and so on, remain the responsibility of the Transport Administrator.

One typical task of the Transport Administrator is to use the client copy function. All transactions and authorizations for this function are in the role Client Copy.

The Transport Administrator needs display authorization for the ABAP Workbench to be able to analyze transport objects. This authorization is in the role ABAP Developer: Display Authorization.