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You use this application to configure job monitoring as part of the business process monitoring in the SAP Solution Manager. To configure Job Monitoring, you specify the following:

  • When and in what intervals Job Monitoring is to execute a job with specific identifying attributes.

  • In what situations system alerts are to be generated.

  • If and under what conditions notifications or support messages are to be generated automatically.


  • You have implemented the required software in your SAP Solution Manager system and in the managed systems. For more information, see SAP Note 521820.

  • You have modified your business processes in the solution directory (transaction SOLMAN_DIRECTORY) of SAP Solution Manager.

  • You have assigned a business process step to the job documentation. For more information, see Editing the Systems Tab.

  • You have opened the corresponding job documentation application in the Job Management work center.


To start the application for configuring job monitoring, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the Systems tab in the job documentation.

  2. Proceed as follows in the Systems screen area:

    1. Under Logical Components and Solutions, add a solution and a business process step.

      A dialog box appears.

    2. Select a solution.

    3. Search for the business step in question, for example, and choose Assign.

    4. Select the row with the added business process step.

    5. Select the logical component to which you have assigned the business process.

    6. Under Systems, select the system that is assigned to the leading role.

    Note Note

    Job Monitoring monitors only those systems that are assigned to the leading role of a solution. The production system is monitored by default.

    End of the note.
  3. Choose Monitoring.

    The system starts the application for configuring the monitoring object. The system proceeds as follows:

    • If a monitoring object is not yet available, a monitoring object with simple job as its type is created automatically.

    • If a monitoring object already exists for the logical component and system, but is not assigned to the business process, the system proposes that you use the monitoring object for the business process.

  4. To configure Job Monitoring, perform the following activities: