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There are standalone product versions (for example, SAP ERP 6.0) and add-on product versions, which require another product version as foundation for their installation and operation (for example, EHP5 for SAP ERP 6.0).

For standalone product versions that are assigned to a product system, you can start a Maintenance Optimizer transaction directly from the product system editor.

The Maintenance Optimizer reads the data from the specified product version, and suggests files and systems for maintenance.


Proceed as follows:

  1.   SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Product Systems  .

    (Alternatively, you can directly access the Landscape Management Database with transaction LMDB.)

  2. Select a product system and choose Display.

  3. On the Product Versions tab in the Product System Overview, choose the Create Transaction link for a product version.

    If transactions have been started already, you can first view them and decide whether you want to restart the existing transaction or if you want to create a new one.

    A Maintenance Optimizer transaction opens in a new window. Follow the guided activity. For more information, see the Maintenance Optimizer help or see Maintenance Optimizer in the SAP Help Portal.

More Information

For introductory information about modeling SAP system landscapes for successful maintenance, see the Maintenance Planning Guide at