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Procedure documentationAttaching Non-ABAP Objects from a File System Locate this document in the navigation structure


  • You have created a transport request.

  • The transport request has the request status Modifiable.

  • You have exported the file and saved it to the appropriate file system.


Procedure in Transport Organizer Web UI
  1. In the top half of the Transport Organizer Web UI screen, select the transport request to which you want to attach an object. Next choose the Object List tab page in the lower half of the screen. You can see all objects that have already been attached.

  2. To attach an object to the selected request, choose Attach.

  3. Use the input help in the Attach File Object dialog box to select an appropriate application type.

  4. Use the radio buttons to select a file system.

    The file you are looking for is either in the file system on your desktop (Client) or in the file system of the CTS server (Server):

    Note Note

    The Client option is not possible for large files (around 50 MB or larger).

    Therefore use the Server option. Copy the file for this manually into the directory on the CTS Server that you specified with the NON_ABAP_WBO_INBOX parameter.

    End of the note.
    • Client: Select the relevant file from your file system and confirm by choosing Add to List.

    • Server: Search the directory defined in the parameter NON_ABAP_WBO_INBOX for the appropriate source system. Select the file in this directory and confirm your selection by choosing Add to List.

      The attached object appears in the object list.

      For more information on parameters, see Parameters for Non-ABAP Transports.

  5. Attach further objects to the transport request in this way until all the required files are in the object list and then choose OK.

Procedure in Transport Organizer Classic UI (for ABAP systems and dual-stack systems)
  1. Call transaction SE09.

  2. Select the Workbench Requests and Modifiable checkboxes.

  3. Choose Display.

    The Transport Organizer: Requests screen is displayed.

  4. Position the cursor on a transport request.

  5. Select the pushbutton with the tooltip Include Objects.

    The Include Objects in Request <name of request> is displayed.

  6. Select Non-ABAP Object and choose Continue to confirm.

  7. Enter the directory, file name, and attributes of the object and choose Continue to confirm.

Note Note

You can add any file format to transport requests, including Word and Excel files. You can document your transport requests in this way. This makes sense if you use quality assurance procedures in TMS which you have to provide documents for. You can now use TMS to access these documents at any time and download them to your desktop.

End of the note.