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This work center is the central access to functions and methods for monitoring your solutions and accelerating problem solving. This improves the availability of your solutions.


You are authorized for this work center. For more information, see Using the Work Center.



A navigation area with buttons for the individual reports is available. You can use the pushbuttons or hyperlinks in the content area to get to the views of the reports.


Once you have selected an report, a list of systems for root cause analysis is available. You can define queries and set filters to select data.

The analysis applications provide a top-down view of all system reports for the systems of a solution. For example, the change report provides information about the number, type, and time of changes to a system.

To start an application for systems:

  1. Choose a report in the navigation area.

  2. Select one or more systems by selecting their rows in the list.

  3. Choose the application, for example, Change Analysis. The available applications are called using the pushbutton in the upper part of the system lists. If an application is not possible for a certain system, a corresponding note is displayed on the tab.

    You can start multiple instances of an application in parallel. Each instance is shown as a separate tab.

To close the application, click on the index of the selected tab.

For more information about reports in the Root Cause Analysis work center, see


If you have the required administrative authorizations for this work center, the following hyperlinks are available under Links in the navigation area.

  • Setup and Checks

  • Offline Analysis

  • Administration

More Information

For more information about general functions in the work center, see Using the Work Center.