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The Continuous Improvement Dashboard app enables you to regularly analyze all aspects of your system configuration and then identify improvement potential and recommend actions. After carrying out the corresponding measurement run, the analysis to be displayed in the dashboard can cover a wide range of issues, including KPIs, bottlenecks, and benchmark data. In particular, you can do the following:

  • Visualize the benefits of SAP Enterprise Support, the global support program delivered commercially by SAP

  • Carry out an improvement and trend analysis based on Measurement Platform data and KPIs

  • Carry out benchmarking by comparing the KPI values of your company with SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network) peer group values


This dashboard provides all Continuous Improvement information in one app with several tabs. Each tab contains detail data that you can work with and use simulations for. The data is described in Working with the Continuous Improvement App.

In the Solution Manager Engagement and Service Delivery Work Center, Reporting and Results tab (lower section), you can create a service report for your SAP Enterprise Support Engagement Status, and select the corresponding KPIs for measurement. After the successful measurement run, the KPI data is available for display in the CI dashboard.