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The Business Process Operations (BPO) dashboard is used to visualize SAP business processes managed by the SAP Solution Manager.


The BPO apps visualize business process data containing application-specific and technical key figures. The following apps are displayed in this dashboard:

  • One-dimensional rating table (static rating table)

  • Two-dimensional rating table (dynamic rating table)

  • Two-dimensional chart

Detail information on the apps is contained in Working with BPO Apps.

In the BPO Work Center of Solution Manager, Common Tasks section, you have the following dashboard options:

  • Manage BPO Dashboards, where you must configure analytical key figure details as the prerequisite to using the BPO Dashboard.

  • Display My BPO Dashboards, where you can display all existing BPO dashboards. Note that not all of the apps are available in the My Dashboard transaction.

When you call the dashboard, all of the dashboard apps are initially minimized. To display an app full-screen, double-click it. To add apps to the dashboard, or change their order or data source, choose Configure.

More Information

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