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With the technical system editor, you can delete complete technical system descriptions in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB).

Usually, technical system information is sent from a System Landscape Directory (SLD). Therefore, deleting technical system information only in the LMDB only makes sense for descriptions that were created manually, or migrated from SMSY into the LMDB. A system description provided by an SLD must be deleted in the SLD; the deletion is propagated to LMDB like all other changes.

Automatically created technical system information must be deleted consistently from the system descriptions in SLD and LMDB. The deletion sequence is important, because automatic synchronization could restore deleted data. The deleted technical system is automatically registered again if it is in a landscape and if it has a system data supplier that is configured at a connected SLD, so the data supplier must be deactivated first.


See the prerequisites for Complete Technical System Information Manually.

Carefully consider the use of the technical system description in product systems, logical components, etc. Deleting a description deactivates all configurations that have been done for this system.

Note Note

If you delete a technical system description that was provided by SLD synchronization, it is only deleted until the next incremental synchronization. The result can be a fragmentary system description, because only that information is synchronized that is new, from the SLD’s point of view. To repair this, read Restore Deleted Technical System Information under Troubleshooting for the LMDB.

You cannot delete technical systems of the type Wily Introscope Manager (Cluster) and Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager (Standalone) in the LMDB. These technical systems can only be deleted under   SAP Solution Manager Configuration   Basic Configuration   Specify Landscape Data   Configure CA Wily Introscope  .

End of the note.


To delete a technical system description from the complete system landscape, proceed as follows:

  1. If the system is automatically registered in an SLD, deactivate the data supplier of the system (for example with transaction RZ70).

  2. Delete the system information in the SLD.

    For more information, see How-to Manage House-Cleaning in the System Landscape Directory - Duplicate System Entries in the SAP Community Network at

  3. The deletion in the SLD is automatically propagated to the LMDB with the next synchronization.

Deleting the system information in the LMDB is only necessary if you created or changed the system manually in the LMDB because it is then protected against propagation of the deletion in the SLD. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Start SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers (transaction SM_WORKCENTER) and choose   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Technical Systems  .

    Select a system, choose   System Operations   Maintain System  . In the technical system editor, choose   Advanced   Delete Technical System  .

  2. A window with a where-used list of the technical system information opens.

    Ensure that the information is not used by other entities in SAP Solution Manager. Otherwise, product systems and logical components that use the technical system become invalid.

    Note that for an AS ABAP technical system, there is always at least one associated product system with the same name as the extended system ID of the technical system.

    Confirm the deletion with OK.

  3. The technical system description that you deleted in the LMDB is automatically deleted in transaction SMSY as well.

    Dependent product systems are not automatically deleted, you have to do this manually in the LMDB. For technical systems of type Application Server ABAP, this is mandatory. For all other system types it is only necessary if the technical system is part of a product system.