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You can use these functions to search in the Customizing Distribution set-up or logging, for individual customizing objects or transport requests, and display their logs. This is useful if errors occur in the Customizing Distribution. You can use the analyses to trace the course of individual distributions and find the causes of errors.


You have set up Customizing Distribution. You are in the Customizing Distribution log selection initial screen.


Display all active objects

You can display a list of all objects for which Customizing Distribution is active with Goto Display All Active Objects.

You also have extensive navigation options:

      Display Synchronization Object Definition

      Display the associated synchronization group in the editor (see Synchronization Group Editor)

      Display the associated project in the Project Administration


You can also call this list from the Customizing Distribution set-up.

Display transport requests used

You can display a list of all transport requests which were used in a Customizing Distribution, with Goto Transport Requests Used. Using the filter and sort options, you can, for example, determine:

      which source system transport request supplied a target system transport request?

      into which target system transport request have the contents of a source system transport request been passed?

You also have extensive navigation options:

      all logs for a target request

      the target or source transport request in the transport system

      Project Administration project data for the associated SAP Solution Manager project.

Display distributed objects

You can display a list of all objects which were distributed in a system landscape by the Customizing Distribution, with Goto Distributed Objects. The display is initially filtered by the period which was specified in the Customizing Distribution logging initial screen. You can:

      sort the display and filter by other time periods

      display the technical details of a synchronization object

      go directly to the IMG activity for the object (source or target system)

      display the associated source transport request

      display all logs for a selected object in the selected time period.


The system displays all logs for this object as well as all logs that were distributed during a comparison together with this object. So you might find logs displayed that do not mention the selected object.


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