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The volume of data recorded in the comparison results grows over time. You can therefore delete data that you no longer require. In doing so, you can specify the following:

  • How old the data for deletion is

  • Exactly what information you want to delete – just the details for a specific result or the entire result including the summary and details


You have run comparisons and are displaying the comparison results.


  1. Call transaction DSWP_CDC_REORG.

  2. Enter data as required.

    Specify the comparison instance from which you want to delete data. If you do not specify a comparison instance, the system deletes the data from all comparison instances.

    Specify which results you want to delete. For example, all results older than 30 days, but not the last three results.

    Specify which information you want to delete from the results.

  3. Choose Execute (F8).

Note Note

To ensure that the comparison results are deleted regularly, schedule DSWP_CDC_COMPARE_REORG as a background job in transaction SM37.

End of the note.


The comparison results are deleted based on your selection.