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A set of customizing objects predefined by SAP, which must be synchronized in a system landscape comprising an SAP HR system and an SAP non-HR system.


The synchronization groups for SAP HR can be used in a "stand-alone HR" (i.e. in the standard situation that you want to use one SAP R/3 as your HR system, and one other SAP R/3 as non-HR system). The "stand-alone HR", with one HR system and one non-HR system is divided into scenarios, of which a customer uses some. There are one or two synchronization groups predefined by SAP for each scenario.


A synchronization group comprises predefined synchronization objects for the software components SAP_HR and SAP_APPL. Each synchronization object corresponds to a customizing table in SAP R/3, which must be synchronized for one or more scenarios in an HR and a non-HR system, so that data replicated by ALE is interpreted correctly in the system.

There are various types of synchronization group:

The synchronization groups HRCA-Kapseln and HR-ALE-Grundtabellen contain the basic settings per synchronization direction. The ALE distribution is based on the basic tables, and they should be synchronized, independently of the scenarios used. These two synchronization groups are in the template COPY_FOR_USE (for distribution from non-HR to HR systems) and COPY_FOR_USE_A (for distribution from HR to non-HR). You can copy the groups into your namespace (and edit them there), and then also copy the groups for your scenarios there, with Drag&Drop.

Some stand-alone HR scenarios require certain info types. Synchronization group info types, which begin with IT, exist for this purpose. The synchronization group IT <nnnn> belongs to info type <nnnn>. These synchronization groups are subgroups in the scenario synchronization groups.

There are also three synchronization groups for message types:

      COAMAS (Customizing for the replication of activity types)

      COELEM (Customizing for the replication of cost elements)

      COELEM (Customizing for the replication of cost centers)

These synchronization groups are already in the ALE scenario synchronization groups which require master data replication.

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