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The language export generates logs that help you to analyze any errors. By default, the initial screen of the language export function shows you all exports made in the last 30 days, together with their log information. You can select a longer interval for the export display.

To display the logs, choose the relevant icon.

        This graphic is explained in the accompanying textJob Log

Depending on how you start the language export, either the whole of the export, or just parts of it are performed in the background. Job logs are always created with the name SAP-LANGUAGE-EXPORT. These job logs are a subset of the language export log.

        This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Action Log

A language export log that contains information on your selection options, parameters, and the most important export steps. Long texts provide more detailed information on each step.

The action log is the only log that is not deleted at a later time. You can check this log at any time on the initial language export screen.

        This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Transport Logs

Each transport package consists of at least one transport request, which is exported by the programs tp and R3trans. The export log is located at the file system level, from where you can display it in transactions SE01, SE09, or SE10.



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