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Before running the security apps, you have to carry out the following configuration steps.

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When you call the dashboard, all of the dashboard apps are initially minimized. To display an app full-screen, double-click it. Then open the Cross-Application node and select the desired Security app.

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  1. Open the Security app and press the Configure button.

  2. In the displayed Configuration screen, carry out the following steps:

    1. Adjust the header description if necessary.

    2. Select a target system. Target systems are defined in the Configuration Check. If you need to create a target system, you can get further information under Creating Target Systems.

    3. Select the comparison systems that you would like to validate by pulling them from the Available to the Selected section. In this way, you add the comparison system(s).

    4. After that, press the Apply Selection button and then the Apply button. This runs the application with your settings.

    5. Press the Save Dashboard button.

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