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This work center is the central access to all functions for preparing, creating, managing, and evaluating test plans.

Furthermore, you can prepare projects and solutions for using the Business Process Change Analyzer in this work center, perform change influence analyses, and generate tailored test plans from the results.


You are authorized for this work center. For more information, see Using the Work Center.



Here, according to your role as test organizer, test engineer, or tester, you have direct access to all queries that you have defined in the individual views of the work center. If you are not using the roles predefined by SAP, all queries are displayed by default.

Test Preparation

Here, a report is available that enables you to get an overview of the status of your business processes. For more information, see Test Preparation.

TBOM Worklist

Display and edit your TBOM recording tasks.

Business Process Change Analyzer

Changes to the system, for example, Support Packages, customer developments or add-on installations can affect different business processes. To ensure that the business processes still work correctly after such a change, you must identify and test the affected business processes or parts thereof. For more information, see Business Process Change Analyzer.

Test Plan Management

Test plan management offers two views that summarize the data either by test plan or by test package.

For some functions in the test plan view, access using the Test Management work center differs slightly from access using the Test Workbench. In the work center, you call up the test plan administration functions as follows:

  • Create Test Plan: Choose   Test Plan   Create Test Plan  .

  • Copy Test Plan: Choose   Test Plan   Copy Test Plan  .

  • Change Test Plan: Choose   Test Plan   Edit Test Plan  .

  • Change the Attributes of a Test Plan: Choose   Goto   Attributes  .

  • Transport Test Plan: Choose   Test Plan   Transport Test Plan  .

  • Create and Assign Test Packages: Choose   Goto   Test Package Management  .

  • Sort Test Cases in Test Sequences: Choose   Goto   Sequences  .

  • Assign Testers to Test Cases: Choose   Goto   Sequences  .

There is a mass change function for test plan and test package attributes. To use this function, you can select test plans in the Test Plan Management, change their data, for example the Peson Responsible, in the next screen, and run mass change. You can specify a change option, in the top row: Whether the system is to copy the changes to all rows below or to the selected row only (see Changing Attributes of Multiple Test Plans or Test Packages).

You can use Links to process your test plan structure. You can proceed in the same way as when linking structure elements in the project or in the solution (see Creating and Editing Project/Solution Structure). If you have created links between structure nodes in the project structure or solution structure, the test plan displays the test cases for the linked nodes in the relevant place in the hierarchy.

Tester Worklist

This is where you have direct access to all test cases assigned to you. For more information, see Tester Worklist.

Damaged Test Case Worklist

Here, as test organizer or test engineer, you have access to all support messages that reference damaged test cases. You can do the following:

  • Display and execute test cases

  • Start the environment for repairing test cases

  • Display and edit test scripts

For more information, see Damaged Test Case Worklist.

Test Evaluation

For some functions, the access using the Test Management work center differs somewhat from the access using the Test Workbench. In the work center, you call up the test plan evaluation functions as follows:

  • Start Status Info System: Choose Status Infosystem.

  • Call up Status Overview: Choose   Goto   Status Overview  .

  • Open Message Overview: Choose   Goto   Message Overview  .

For more information, see Test Evaluation.


The two views contain the following information:

  • Logs: Here, you have access to execution logs of automated test cases.

  • Jobs: Information about the background jobs with which you scheduled automatic test cases:

    • Job Status: Did the job run?

    • Test Status: What was the result?

    • Log ID: ID of the test package which you have assigned to a job, as test coordinator

    • Job Name: Link to job execution details


This is where you have access to various reports for projects and solutions as well as test plan administration and test evaluation.

Note Note

In BW reports, in contrast to the Test Evaluation view, you cannot call up predefined filters here. All test plans are taken into account by default. You can set filters in the BW report web template.

End of the note.

This is where you make various basic settings for using the test plan administration functions. For more information, see Administration.