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You generate the IMG projects in the managed systems so that you can navigate within the configuration to the IMGs in the managed systems.

When you generate the IMG projects, you distribute the following central project data to the managed systems:

      Project standards:

       Status values that do not yet exist in the managed system


      Project Team Members

      Country selection


You have assigned logical components to the project on the System Landscape tab page. The IMG Projects tab page now contains the associated IMG projects, that is, all subprojects in the managed systems that belong to your Solution Manager project.


Generate IMG Projects in the Managed Systems


The green and red traffic lights indicate whether Project IMGs have already been generated and distributed.

        Red (dot): Project does not yet exist

        Green (square): Project exists in the specified logical component and the assigned logical systems.

To generate and distribute a project:



       1.      Choose the system role for IMG Projects.

If, for example, you want to generate an IMG project in the development system of a managed system, choose the system role Development System, for this IMG project.

       2.      Select the IMG project and choose Create IMG Project.

       3.      You can create a transport request for the project in the following dialog box, if necessary. Assign additional project team members to the transport request if necessary.

Generation and distribution is triggered in the managed systems.


When the Project IMGs are generated in the managed systems, everything is initially included in the scope.

As soon as the project exists, the green traffic light symbol appears. A system message is also issued in the managed system as soon as the generation process is complete.

       4.      To navigate to the project IMGs at a later point and trigger the generation process again, select the relevant subproject and choose Change.

You go to the header data of the project.

Assign Existing IMG Project

To assign another IMG project from the managed system instead of the default IMG project:


       1.      Select the relevant IMG project.

       2.      Choose Replace.

       3.      Confirm the confirmation prompt.

       4.      Choose an IMG project from the list and confirm your selection.

       5.      You can create a transport request in the subsequent dialog box. If necessary, assign tasks from this request to other project team members.

       6.      Choose Continue to save your entries.

The new IMG project appears on the IMG Projects tab page.


You have distributed the project data to the managed systems and you can now navigate within the configuration in these systems.


If you get an error message in an IMG activity, or the system does not go to the correct IMG activity, see SAP Note 905037.


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