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To enable SAP to improve support, when a support message is completed, you are prompted to provide feedback about the processing of the message by SAP Support, and to confirm the support message at SAP Support.


  • SAP Support has replied to a support message with a suggested solution.

  • The member of your support organization responsible has tested and evaluated the proposed solution.

  • You have opened the support message.

Note Note

The PCC form can only be called and sent, after you have confirmed the support message.

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  1. Choose Edit.

  2. Choose   Actions   Confirm Message at SAP  .

  3. Save your changes.

    In the SAP Data tab, the support message status is set to Solution Confirmed. The procedure is now completed at SAP.

  4. Choose   Actions   Maintain PCC (Positive Call Closure) for SAP  .

    You go to the SAP Support Portal PCC form.

  5. Write your feedback and choose Send.

    Your feedback is saved in the SAP Support Portal.

  6. To inform the user or customer of the suggested solution, choose the Suggested Solution status on the Overview tab.

  7. Save your changes.

    The support message takes the user status Proposed Solution.