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This view contains an overview of all test packages that have been assigned to you for testing.


There are test packages that have been assigned to you for testing or, as test organizer, you are authorized to view all test packages. For more information, see Assigning a Tester to a Test Package.


You can:

  • Open test package to perform the test

  • Schedule automatic tests in the foreground or the background

  • Display an overview of scheduled automatic test jobs

  • Manage and edit test package attachments

  • Report errors in test cases

  • Display messages for a test package

  • Export list of test packages to Excel

At the bottom of the view, the test cases assigned to the selected test package are displayed: You can:

  • Tun an automatic test case

  • Open the description of a manual test case

  • Display the attributes of automatic or manual test cases

  • Display and update the messages asigned to a test case

  • Change the status of a test case