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You log on to Business Process Blueprinting tool to connect to the configured SAP Solution Manager system. You can choose to let the system remember your credentials for subsequent logon.


  1. Launch the Business Process Blueprinting tool.

  2. In the Log on screen area, click Connect to <system name>.

  3. In the Log on dialog box, enter your credentials.

    Note Note

    By default, the Business Process Blueprinting is configured to a specific SAP Solution Manager system. To access a different SAP Solution Manager system, in which Business Process Blueprinting is configured, choose the link Choose a different Solution Manager system or user.

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  4. If you want to store the current credentials for subsequent logon, select the Remember user and password checkbox.

    Note Note

    The user and password are only remembered in the connected system. To modify your logon details, choose   Dashboard   Change Preferences   System Configuration   User Credentials   and enter a new user name and password.

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  5. Choose OK.