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SAP Solution Manager collects information about hosts in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB).


Automatic Registration of Hosts

Basic information about hosts comes from the System Landscape Directory (SLD). In more detail, Outside Discovery sends host information. It is part of the SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent (SMD agent) and writes directly to the LMDB. The extended host data supplied by Outside Discovery is essential for many SAP Solution Manager applications.

Manually Edit Host Information

Note Note

Avoid manual entries. They can become inconsistent or obsolete.

SAP route strings are an exception, they cannot be supplied automatically.

Once data from the SLD and Outside Discovery is changed manually in the LMDB, it is no longer updated by synchronization. Outside Discovery usually overwrites modified host information.

The major part of host information can be supplied automatically by Outside Discovery if a diagnostics agent is installed on the host. For more information, see the media library at the SAP Support Portal at

End of the note.

Access the Host Editor

Start SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers (transaction SM_WORKCENTER) and choose   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Hosts  .

(Alternatively, you can access the Host Editor directly with transaction LMDB.)

Create Information for a New Host

In the work center, choose   Host Operations   Create Host  .

Change Host Information

Some optional information about hosts cannot be retrieved by Outside Discovery and must be maintained manually:

  • SAP Router Configuration

  • Custom Attributes

In the work center, select a host and choose   Host Operations   Maintain Host  .

In the Overview screen for hosts, you can see the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and the corresponding IP Address. The FQDN is important for some configuration tasks and the URL Framework. Alternative FQDNs and IP addresses are listed under Alternative Host Names, where you find all network configurations that have been set up for the host.

The header data in the Overview screen displays the FQDN and IP address sent from the data supplier with the highest rank. This may not be the preferred value, in which case you have following options:

  • Change the FQDN manually to one of the alternative host names. Your manual change will not be overwritten by subsequent SLD synchronizations. But Outside Discovery will overwrite the value — therefore, set the correct value in the SMD agent, too.

  • If the host information comes from an SLD: Access the technical system editor of the LMDB, select the related technical system for maintenance and choose Resync from SLD. Select the SLD that contains the correct FQDN and IP address.

    If the host information comes from Outside Discovery: Change the FQDN in the SMD Agent, using the correct alternative name, which then will be transferred to the LMDB. For more information, see SAP Note 1626853.

To find out which data supplier provided the host information, see the Details in the Host Overview.

Delete Host Information

In the work center, select a host and choose   Host Operations   Maintain Host   Delete Host  .

More Information

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