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The Compare and Adjust in Push Mode function distributes the changes in a project or template, in a background job, to several projects at the same time (Push mode). It is useful if you have based several projects (for example implementation projects) on one template project, and then want to change this project, or a template in it.

The transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE would need to adjust all projects to a changed project or template, one after the other. The Compare and Adjust in Push Mode function (transaction code SA_PUSH_COMPARE; program SC_PROJECT_UPGRADE_PUSH) adjusts all projects in one background job.

When the background job has finished, you can check in the log in transaction SM37 whether the job ran successfully, and which changes have been distributed to the selected projects.

Business Add-Ins

With Business Add-In AI_SC_PUSH_COMPARE (Push comparison results in batch mode) you can adapt the Compare and Adjust in Push Mode function. When you select the option Copy Changes and Complete or Execute in Simulation Mode, this BAdI can be called to decide which changes should be pushed. See also the BAdI documentation.


You can enter the following data in the initial screen of the transaction:

Select Source

The source can be a template or a project. If you select a template, the system shows the associated project, for information.

Select Target

The target can be one or more projects. The changes are distributed from the source to all selected projects.

Changes from Tabs

Select the tabs which the background job is to compare with the corresponding tabs in the target projects.

Source Attributes

Select which attributes are to be distributed from the source project to the target projects. You can select Structure Attributes, Global Attributes and TBOMs.

Objects with the Attribute “Global”

The Only Global/Harmonized flag specifies that only globalized and harmonized attributes are distributed to the target projects.

Complete/Flag/Simulate Changes

Specify the background execution mode:

  • Copy Changes and Complete

    This option automatically distributes changes from the source to the target projects. This is the online equivalent of the Copy Changes and Complete Adjustment function.

    If it is not possible to complete the adjustment by copying the changes (for example if a target project is open in change mode), the changes are flagged in the target projects. The background job log shows that the transaction ran in push mode, the changes distributed to the target projects, and which changes were only flagged in the target objects.

  • Flag Changes

    This option flags the changes in the target projects, and shows them in the background job log. This is the same function as the transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE.

  • Simulation

    This option makes no changes in the target projects. The background job log shows which changes would have been distributed to the target projects.


You can perform the Compare and Adjust in Push Mode function as follows:

  • In the Project Administration initial screen menu   Goto   Distribute Project Changes  .

    You can select a template or project.

  • In the project administration of a template project, with   Goto   Distribute Project Changes  .

    The selected template project is the default selection.

  • In a template project, in the Templates tab.

    Select a template, and choose Distribute Project Changes. The selected template is the default selection.