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You can use this function to include Repository objects only in the request. You cannot use it to include table contents or Customizing objects. It is not intended to be used with Customizing requests.


You are in the request overview.


To include objects of your choice in a request, proceed as follows:

  1. Position the cursor on a modifiable request.
  2. Double-click to open the request editor, and choose the Objects tab page.
  3. Choose Display <-> Change.
  4. Choose Include Objects.
  5. The Include Objects in Request <Request Number> dialog box appears.

  6. In the dialog box, select Freely selected objects and continue by choosing Copy.
  7. The Object Selection screen appears.

  8. Enter your selection criteria and choose Execute.
  9. The objects found are displayed in a hierarchical overview.

  10. In the list, select the objects that you want to include.
  11. Choose Objects ® Save in request.


The selected objects are included in the request.


You can also choose the function for choosing objects freely from the Transport Organizer tools under Objects in Requests Include Objects in a Transport Request.

You can also access this function in the Object Navigator by positioning the cursor on a request in the request tree and right-clicking. Choose Include Objects.

Also read the warning in the section Including Objects in a Request.