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Procedure documentation Editing Attributes  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You require the administration authorization in the CTS to edit attributes.


To edit attributes, proceed as follows:

  1. Call Transaction SE03, or choose Goto Transport Organizer tools in the Transport Organizer.
  2. Choose Administration Display/Change Request Attributes.

You can then define and maintain attributes.


Make sure that the attributes you create begin with the letters Z or Y.


If you want to create the attribute ZPROJECT1, choose Attributes Create. Enter ZPROJECT1 and then enter a description in the next field.

If you want the attribute to be obligatory for all change requests, select Attribute obligatory for requests. This means that you cannot release change requests that do not have this attribute.

If it is essential that a value is specified for the attribute, select Attribute value obligatory.

If you do not want the attribute to be maintained in the SAP System, select Attribute assigned externally.

If you want the attribute to be assigned once only for each request, select Attribute can only be assigned once for each request.