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You can save repeated information as personal text templates, and put it into your messages by mouse click. Such reusable information could, for example, be a signature for your messages, forms of greeting, or telephone numbers.

The system administrator can also create system templates with standard texts, which are available to all staff (for example, standard prompts to the problem reporter to specify further information about, for example, the system, user names, etc.)


Create personal text templates
  1. Open a support message.

  2. Choose Edit.

  3. Choose Edit My Text Templates.

    You go to the Edit My Text Templates dialog box.

  4. Choose New to create a text template.

  5. Enter a meaningful description, with which you will be able to find the text template quickly, later, and save your entries.

    The text template is now available. You can put it in information which you put in support messages.

Put text template in support message information
  1. Open a support message.

  2. Choose Edit.

  3. Choose Add Text, to specify the tape of information that you want to put in the support message.

  4. Choose Insert Text Template, to display your text templates and the system text templates.

  5. Choose a text template, and save your entry.

    The text template is put in the support message information.