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Procedure documentationAssigning Roles to EEMon Users Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can assign roles to users of End User Experience Monitoring (EEMon).

  • Level 1 users (role SAP_EEM_L1_COMP) can do the following:

    • Display End User Experience Monitoring

    • Display End User Experience Reporting

    • Display EEMon alerts

    • Further process EEMon alerts (assign statuses, create support messages in Incident Management)

  • In addition to the options available to level 1 users, level 2 users (role SAP_EEM_L2_COMP) can do the following:

    • Trigger traces

    • Start trace analyses in cause analysis

  • The administrator (role SAP_EEM_CONF_COMP) can also:

    • Start the EEMon setup and configure EEMon

    • Manage and configure EEMon


Follow the instructions in the User Administration Guide.

For more information, see   Installation and Configuration   User Administration Guide  .