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This function is not available by default. To use this function, you need to purchase the SAP Solution Manager Add-on for SAP IT Infrastructure Management, and activate the function explicitly. For more information, see

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You use SAP IT Infrastructure Management to automatically record information about IT components such as printers, servers or routers in a central database and to evaluate this data later. This makes it possible to transparently map your entire IT infrastructure, monitor individual components and create reports, such as on the availability and performance of components over a specific period. It is not necessary to install an agent here.


SAP IT Infrastructure Management is connected to SAP Solution Manager by the SAP Solution Manager configuration settings. You make detailed configuration settings for SAP IT Infrastructure Management in a separate user interface.

After the connection and configuration, the objects stored in the SAP IT Infrastructure Management database can be viewed together with the most important monitoring data in SAP Solution Manager's monitoring. The objects are integrated in the data in the SAP Solution Manager monitoring. For more information, see IT Infrastructure Monitoring. The SAP IT Infrastructure Management objects are also integrated in SAP Solution Manager's IT Service Management.


You have correctly installed and configured SAP IT Infrastructure Management. For more information, see the installation and configuration guides under   SAP Components   SAP IT Infrastructure Management  .


SAP IT Infrastructure Management provides you with the following functions:

  • Automatic identification of infrastructure data

  • Structured display of the entire IT infrastructure, including display of connections and dependencies between components

  • Evaluation of performance or availability data (for example) in various reports

  • Triggering actions when a threshold value is reached

  • Monitoring the operational status of IT components via SAP Solution Manager's technical monitoring

  • Transferring alerts to technical monitoring and providing object data for SAP Solution Manager's IT service management

More Information

For more information, see the SAP IT Infrastructure Management documentation on SAP Help Portal at   Application Lifecycle Management   SAP IT Infrastructure Management