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As Dispatcher or Processor, create problem messages, for example to find the cause of several incident messages.

Note Note

You can lock incident messages which are assigned to a problem message, for further processing. This is useful because the locked incident messages can be automatically updated when the assigned problem message is confirmed. The solution to the problem message is copied into the incident message, the incident message is given the status Proposed Solution, the incident message is unlocked, and can be confirmed by the reporter.

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  1. In the navigation area in the WebClient UI, under Create, choose Problem. You go to the Select Transaction Type dialog box.

  2. Choose the transaction type.

    Whether you have to select a transaction type depends on how your system is configured. Ask the person responsible for your system about the customer transaction types available.

  3. In the assignment block Details, in the field Description, enter a meaningful description of the problem message.

  4. In the Reporter field, enter the problem reporter.

  5. Set the priority of the message from the input help for the Priority field. You can also use the Effects and Urgency fields. The system determines the priority of the message from these fields.

  6. Specify a problem category, under Category.

    Depending on the selected level, additional levels allow for greater specificity.

  7. Under Text, enter a detailed description of the problem.

  8. To assign incident messages to problem messages, in the assignment block Associated Messages, choose Find Associated Incidents.

  9. To add documents to the message, go to the assignment block Attachments.

  10. Save your entries.

  11. To lock the incident message for further processing, select an incident message and choose Lock.

  12. Enter further problem information.

  13. Save your entries.