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These reports contain information about the usage of the available capacity of the selected system. These reports therefore give you information about the capacity that is still free, for example, in the usage of different memory, or of the available CPUs. In the context of interactive reporting, the following reports give you a quick overview of the development of these metrics over time:

  • CPU (  <system ID> – SAP BASIS <Release>   Capacity   CPU   )

    The report shows the CPU load of the hosts in which instances of the monitored systems run. The value is the general CPU load of the host, not the CPU load of a particular instance. These performance values are described in the alert monitor under Operating System Monitor. It shows how intensively the CPU is used, and how much processing capacity is still available.

    The report shows two metrics per system — the mean and maximum CPU load in the specified period.

    The Detail view shows the CPU load by the hosts of the system instances; and a time profile, showing the distribution of the CPU load by time of day.

  • Database (  <System ID> – SAP BASIS <Release>   Capacity   Database   )

    The report shows the size and growth of the database of the selected system, in megabytes. Both the amount used and the total database size is output. For more information about the displayed metrics, see SAP Note 1068204.

  • Main Memory (  <system ID> – SAP BASIS <Release>   Capacity   Main Memory   )

    The report shows metrics for the size and usage of the main memory of the hosts on which instances of the monitored system run. The value relates to the general main memory load of the host, not the load due to a particular instance. These performance values are described in the alert monitor under Operating System Monitor.

    In the Detail view, you can also display the absolute values of the total available, and free memory, in megabytes, as well as the main memory load in percent. The metrics are output by the hosts of the instances of the system.

  • File System (  <system ID> – SAP BASIS <Release>   Capacity   File System   )

    The report shows the mean load of all file systems of the above host, as a percentage. The detail view shows the mean file system load as a percentage, and the free memory in megabytes, for the ten file systems with the highest load.

    You can also filter by instances and file systems. These performance values are described in the alert monitor under File Systems Monitor.

  • Paging Rate (  <system ID> – SAP BASIS <Release>   Capacity   Paging Rate   )

    The report shows the page-out and page-in rate in kilobytes per second. You can restrict the display to just one of these processes, in the Detail view. You can also output the metrices by the hosts of system instances, in the Detail view.

    Main memory usage and paging, together, indicate whether the main memory size is sufficient for the host load. For further information about these values, see Operating System Monitor.

Note Note

  • For information about how you can specify the desired systems and the time interval to be displayed, and how to call interactive reporting, see Using Interactive Reporting.

  • For information about the different display options for the reports for ABAP systems with regard to metrics, threshold values, and instances, see Interactive Reports for ABAP Systems.

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