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In the Repository Browser, you can place individual objects directly in the object list of a transportable change request. You use this procedure in order to avoid making errors when you enter objects manually in the object list of the request editor, since all the relevant information is copied.


This procedure only appears in the context menu for subobjects that can be transported separately. 



       1.      Select the development object in the object list.

       2.      Right-click and choose Other Functions Write Transport Request.

The Enter Transport Request dialog box appears.

       3.      Select one of your own requests, use the proposed request, or create a new request.

       4.      Choose Continue.


The system places the object in the object list of the specified request.


To copy multiple objects to the object list, select them and use set mode. All selected objects are placed in the specified object list.

For more information, see Including Objects in a Request Manually.



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