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Caution Caution

From SAP Solution Manager 7.1, you can search for solutions in the knowledge articles. As the WebClient UI supports searches of knowledge article, but not in the solution database, put new problem solutions in knowledge articles.

You can still call an existing solution database via the SAP GUI, and search it for existing solutions.

End of the caution.


  • You have made the settings required to set up a solution database. You can obtain more information in Customizing, by choosing   Customer Relationship Management   Enterprise Intelligence   Solution Database  .

  • You may have specified which contents the system automatically copies from the support message into the solution in the solution database, in the BADI BADI_AISDK_LINK_TO_SDB. By default, the system copies the message description.

  • You are in a message.


  1. Go to change mode.

  2. Choose the action Create Solution in Solution Database.

  3. Save your changes.

    The system automatically copies the following support message details into the solution database:

    • Description (short text)

    • If appropriate, additional details in accordance with your settings in the BADI BADI_AISDK_LINK_TO_SDB.

  4. To put attachments and notes into the solution, select them in the Attachments and Notes tabs.

  5. Enter the required data.

  6. Copy some or all message texts with Add Message Texts.

    Note Note

    • The system only shows the texts if you have an authorization for their text type in authorization object CRM_TXT_ID.

    • When you copy a problem or solution into the solution database for the first time, you can specify, user-specifically, which text types the system suggests by default, for copying message texts, e.g. the support message answer, with Settings.

    End of the note.
  7. Save your changes.

    You can process the problem solution further, in the solution database.