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Once you have specified the reference system and, if necessary, created a comparison list, execute the check reports. Access the functions of SAP NetWeaver BW and call BI-based Web templates directly in the BW system.

You can use Bookmarks to select existing report variants, or create a new one. All users can access the bookmarks.

Note Note

By default, the Consistency Check tray is collapsed. It contains all reports that were used up to SAP Solution Manager 7.0 Enhancement Package 1. As of SAP Solution Manager 7.1, new reports are available in the Operator Check and Configuration Reporting trays.

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  1. Choose the Report Execution tab.

  2. Choose Reports.

  3. Choose a reference system. This can be an existing system from your system landscape or a previously created target system.

  4. Choose a comparison list.

    You can enter a filter value in the Lists field to restrict the display of comparison lists. If you choose Display All, the system displays all available comparison lists.

  5. Choose an operator check report and then choose Start Operator Check Report.

    The following reports are available:


      Flat list of all non-compliant configuration elements.


      Flat list of all compliant and non-compliant configuration elements.


      Hierarchical display of all configuration elements that are also in the reference system.


      Hierarchical display of all configuration elements that are also in the reference system. Additional restriction options are available.


      Check report for transport requests

  6. Choose a report view from the Configuration Reporting tray and then Start Configuration Report.

    All reports show the same data in different views, which are described in the long text of the report.