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You can create solutions more efficiently by linking support messages:

  • You can plan activities to resolve a problem, so that they are performed in a specified sequence, or in parallel.

  • You can combine support messages from different users about the same problem, to manage them more easily.

Recommendation Recommendation

Note that, in the WebClient UI, you can create problem messages and link these to incident messages that are related to the same problem. Once a problem message is assigned to an incident message, it is locked for further processing since the support employee searches for a solution to the problem, which in turn, also applies to the incidents.

We recommend that you process messages in the WebClient UI and use problem messages to make it easier to process incident messages for the same problem.

For more information about problem messages in the WebClient UI, see Processing Problem Messages.

End of the recommendation.

Example Example

You get a support message that a printer is not working. You find out that both paper and toner must be refilled. Different members of staff are responsible for these two tasks. You create separate new support messages for refilling paper and toner, respectively, and assign them to the appropriate members of staff. You assign these support messages to the original support message. You don't close the original support message until the two new support messages have been completed.

End of the example.

Example Example

You get support messages from various problem reporters that a printer is not working. Create a new support message, and assign all the messages about the same problem, to it. This tells you to which problem reporters you want to send the proposed solutions.

End of the example.

Caution Caution

There is no mechanism in the work center to check the dependencies between linked messages and, for example, to automatically send proposed solutions. All messages must be processed individually in the work center. Linking just helps you to keep an overview of interdependencies between messages.

End of the caution.


  1. Open a support message which you have received, or created yourself, to which you want to assign other support messages.

  2. Choose Edit.

  3. In the Context tab, choose Add Link.

    The Add Link dialog box opens.

  4. Enter the transaction number of the support message which you want to assign to the support message.

  5. Save your entries.