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SAP Solution Manager users are often quality experts with SAP Solution Manager knowledge, but with no deep knowledge of the business processes in a project or solution. They cannot always judge which TBOMs should best be created, or how. These quality experts can delegate the recording of TBOMs to business process experts, in TBOM recording requests. Whenever the status of the recording request changes significantly, the system sends E-mails to the users involved. The E-mails contain a link to a TBOM recording request, or to the request overview.


  • You have performed the basic configuration of the SAP Solution Manager. For more information, see SAP Solution Manager Configuration Work Center.

  • You have performed the Customizing activity Adjust Workflow for TBOM Work List, to activate the E-Mail notification for TBOM recording tasks. For more information, see the Customizing for   SAP Solution Manager under   Capabilities (Optional)   Business Process Change Analyzer  .

  • You have set up SAPconnect. For more information, see the Customizing for   SAP Solution Manager under   Technical Settings   Set Up SAPconnect  .

  • You have created a Business Process Hierarchy.

  • You have assigned executable entities to the nodes.


  1. The quality expert requests a business process expert to record a TBOM. He creates a recording request.

  2. The system informs the quality expert and the business process expert about the new recording request, by E-mail.

  3. The business process expert records the TBOM.

  4. The business process expert completes the recording task.

  5. The system informs the quality expert about the completion of the recording task, by E-mail.

  6. The quality expert checks the recorded TBOM, and confirms the recording request.