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This procedure helps you to search for indexed and archived database messages in components using their payload attributes, centrally. For each component of an integration landscape that creates and persists messages (Integration Server, Adapter Engines and Integration Engines), a unique index can be created that contains all the messages of this component.



  • Are using SAP NetWeaver PI 7.11SP6 (for ABAP), 7.3 (ABAP and Java), or higher

  • Have configured user-defined message search on the local runtime components

  • Have indexed the message attribute and its interface in SAP NetWeaver PI


  1. In the Technical Monitoring work center, navigate to PI Monitoring.

  2. In the Detailed Selection screen area, select the query.

    You group PI domains in queries for faster access.

  3. Select the domain.

  4. Choose Message Search.

  5. Display message search, embedded or in a new window.

  6. In the Filter screen area, select the time range and components.

    Only the components that have indexed messages are displayed.

  7. If you do not know the attribute name used to index the message, choose   Add   Add Pre-defined  , otherwise choose   Add   Add Custom  

  8. Add the search criteria.

  9. Search for the message.

  10. The status of the message is displayed in the Output screen area.

  11. For further analysis using the local monitors, choose   Navigate to   <local monitor>  .

  12. If you want to:

    • Request support, create an incident ticket

    • Notify the status of component to a user, send a notification

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