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You delete obsolete logs to get a better overview of the current logs in the log display. Obsolete logs include all logs for which more recent logs of the following type exist:

      a more recent log shows that the associated synchronization group has been successfully distributed in an initial distribution.

      a more recent log shows that customizing has been distributed completely and successfully in a transport request (either completely by a transport release, or by the complete manual distribution of the transport request).


You can delete non-obsolete logs individually in the log display.


You have authorization for the authorization object S_APPL_LOG, with the following field values: Object = cust_sync, Subobject = distrib, Activity = 6 (Delete).

You are in the Customizing Distribution logging initial screen.




       1.      Choose Goto Delete Logs in the menu, or call the transaction SCDT_LOG_DELETE.

       2.      You can restrict the log selection with one or more selection conditions:

       3.      Choose Delete Logs Immediately or Create Selection List.

Delete Logs Immediately deletes all obsolete logs which satisfy your selection.

Create Selection List lists all obsolete logs which satisfy your selection.

       4.      If you have selected Create Selection List, mark the logs which you want to delete, and choose Delete Selected Logs.

       5.      Confirm the prompt.


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