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A change document is a transaction that documents the activities of the users that are involved in the change process, for example, developers, testers, and system administrators. A change document is created automatically by the system when a change manager or another employee responsible approves a request for change, and the status is set to “Being Implemented”.


In the work steps following the approval of the request for change, the change document forms the operational basis for developers, testers, and IT administrators. The document passes through a series of statusses, which depend on the type of the change document.

You select the appropriate change document depending on the type of change. You can define your own change document types in Customizing or use the change document types supplied by SAP. By default, the following transaction types are available in Customizing. You can copy the transaction types and adapt them to your requirements:

Change Document Type

Transaction Type

Normal change


Urgent change


Administrative change


General change


Defect correction



The change document consists of the header details, which are organized in individual groups, and additional assignment blocks. You can adapt and customize the display of the assignment blocks according to your requirements.

Header Level

In the header details, you store general data that applies to the whole change document. This includes, for example, the following data:

  • General data such as the developer, tester, and ID

  • Processing data

  • Data for change planning, such as the project and the task list

  • Relationships, such as a related request for change

Assignment Blocks

In the assignment blocks, you store additional request for change data that controls further processing. You can use the following assignment blocks, for example:

  • Information about projects and solutions

  • Texts

  • Documents

  • Information about test management

  • Processing log

  • Information about transport requests, tasks, and the system landscape


Requests for change and change documents with their content features are summarized using the term change transactions. They are used for handling all change processes with SAP Solution Manager.

Change Request Management uses variants of the SAP CRM service transaction for the processing of change transactions in SAP system landscapes.

For more information about integration and the required settings, see the Customizing in   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management  . Execution of a change document can be planned in detail and, if necessary, can be integrated with additional processes and functions.