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Changes must be available in order to create transports for a QGM project.

You can release transport requests on transport level, on change leve,l or on project level. If you select a change, all transports request within this change are released. On project level, all transport requests within all changes are released.


To create a transport request, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Changes tab for a project, select a change and choose   Manage Transports   Create Transport Request  .

  2. In the dialog box that displays, specify whether you want to create a Workbench Request or a Customizing Request or both.

  3. Select the source system and client.

  4. The initial part of the transport description contains the QGM project and the change number. This should not be overwritten. The remainder of the description can be freely defined.

  5. Change the owner if necessary.

  6. Assign developers if necessary.

  7. Choose OK to create the transport request.

  8. In the lower screen section, the transport request is now included for this change in the Requests column.

Releasing a Transport Request
  1. Select a specific change with the change status Open from the list and choose   Manage Transports   Release All Transport Request  .

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    You can only select one change at a time.

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  2. In the dialog box that displays, select the transport requests that you want to release and choose Release.

  3. You can see the current status, released or changeable, of all transports associated with the change on the Transports tab.