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Configuration Service

If you develop software based on the SAP component model and if you use SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure for managing sources and executing a central build then you need a development configuration. The development configuration contains, for example, the location of the Design Time Repository (Repository location) and the location of the Central Build Service (build tool location). One or many software components can be managed with a development configuration. The configuration is saved in the System Landscape Directory (SLD). Before you can start with development, you must first import the development configuration into your SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. You can manage development configurations with the Configuration Service.

When creating a non-ABAP system you can specify whether a development configuration is required for the system. If you are creating a system with development configuration for the first time, then you must also specify which SLD is to be used. This paramater (DI_SLD_URL) is global and is therefore valid for all systems of a domain.

For more information, see Using the Configuration Service.

Export Service

You can use the Export Service to execute transports at the level of software components (SCAs) or development components (SDAs). The Export Service supports you when exporting SCAs and SDAs from a system by including the archives in a transport request.

In addition, you can attach activities to a transport request in the Transport View (see Transport View) of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. This option is mainly used by developers.

For more information, see Using the Export Service.